Compounding Prescription Drugs

We are open 7 days a week to dispense all your chronic and acute prescriptions and to advise you on the safe use of all prescription drugs. We stock a wide variety of originator as well as trusted generic medications to ensure that we are able to completely fill your prescriptions. Where we are unable to immediately dispense your prescription due to stock issues, we aim to procure the stock for you within 12-24 hours and deliver it for free. We are also happy to assist you in arranging chronic authorisation and medication changes by dealing with your medical aid on your behalf

First Aid Products

We stock a variety of wound dressings, bandages, plasters, antiseptics and other first aid products to treat burns, wounds, strains, sprains and general injuries. We are also able to make up home and office first aid kits according to Occupational Health and Safety Standards – please feel free to call us for a quote!

Home Medical Equipment

We stock a variety of home testing and medical equipment at good prices so that you can monitor and take care of your health in the comfort of your home. This includes digital glucose and blood pressure monitors, digital ovulation tests, nebulizers and humidifiers.


We have qualified staff that are able to advise on and administer all the required vaccinations on the South African vaccination schedule. We also stock other vaccinations that are commonly prescribed and needed. We unfortunately do not administer travel vaccinations at this stage but hope to do so in the future.

Wellness Supplements

We stock a variety of wellness and lifestyle supplements and natural products aimed at helping our customers cope with the demands of modern day living as well as manage ailments and illness through a more holistic approach. Come and speak to one of our pharmacists about your supplementation needs.

Baby Essentials

We stock a convenient range of baby essentials to help Moms keep their angels healthy, refreshed and happy. This includes baby medicines and vitamins as well as baby bath and changing supplies. We are proud to stock a 100% organic Mom & Baby range called Gluki Organics, made from only certified organic and fair trade ingredients. Come and try these products for yourself and you might never use anything else on your little one again!